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Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide

Yes, it's that time again. While it's fun to get caught up in all the holiday craziness, it's also a time to take a minute to take stock. There's lots of ways to enjoy the fun times and we've got some ideas to make the season even more special.

Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide

Grab a Pen. Handwritten letters are also a welcome surprise, but take on a new meaning during the holidays. The handwritten letter has been replaced by the mass produced-family-photo-card-purchased-online. While handwritten letters have been forgotten, their uniqueness and value increases dramatically. It'll just take a few minutes, but make a world of difference. You’ll be glad you did. And it will be the best piece of mail your friend receives this holiday season.

Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide for Wine Opener Set and Coffee Storage Container

A Little Something for a Friend. There are so many inexpensive, clutter-free gift ideas out there. With minimal expense and just a few mouse clicks, you can easily send an incredible gift to show someone your appreciation for them. For example, if you've got a good friend who loves coffee send them a Sippin'It Coffee Storage Canister. It'll show how much you care and give them a perfect space saver to keep their beans as fresh as possible. 

Who is Coming to Dinner?  It's especially hard to be alone this time of year, so if you know of a friend or neighbor who is on their own it's a great idea to brighten their day. It's so easy to open your house to them for a meal. It could also be the start of a long running new holiday tradition. 

Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide

Time to Tip Do you have a favorite barista or waiter who has a smile all year long? Now is the perfect time to show them how much you appreciate this little kindness. Many are working the shift just trying to make the ends meet for themselves and their family. An extra $20 added to their nightly tip will certainly bring some extra holiday cheer—especially during a busy time of the year when they’d rather be home with their family.

Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide

Virtual Wine Party There are so many ways to spend time with friends and loved ones these days. Zoom has become an integral part of our lives. So take advantage by throwing a virtual wine tasting party. Everyone can share their favorite bottles and share their opinions together. Another hint, if you send a Sippin'It Wine Aerator Pourer as a stocking stuffer, your friends will have the perfect pour every time.

Sippin'It Holiday Cheer Survival Guide

Share the love this holiday season. Whether it's with someone you see everyday or once a year, they will certainly appreciate the effort you put in. A little bit goes a long ways for people this time of year so take a minute of your time and spread the cheer!

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