Love St. Patrick's Day, but not beer?

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Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day can often feel like a beer drinkers National Holiday. Everything revolves around beer. What kind, how much, the best kind to drink with corned beef and cabbage, are all important questions on this day.

Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

But wine drinkers, never fear. We're here standing with you. You can still celebrate the day without feeling different than everyone else.

Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

How about a little St. Patrick's Day History? 

First a little history of St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick was a fifth century Catholic missionary to the Irish and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Ironically, St. Patrick was actually from England but he was captured by pirates as a teen and taken to Ireland for many year before he escaped; eventually returned as a missionary. He is known as the “Apostle of Ireland” and was the first bishop of Ireland. Though the myth is he drove all the snakes out of Ireland there is no literal evidence to support it. However, as snakes are a common metaphor for sin and snakes were frequently utilized in pagan forms of worship, due to his missionary acts and conversion rates throughout Ireland, in a less literal form St. Patrick did drive the snakes out of Ireland. Additionally, the reason the “Luck of the Irish” is found in a clover is because St. Patrick used the clover to explain the Trinity to the Irish pagans. Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day is a day of spiritual renewal as well as recognition of missionaries around the world; however, as with Shrove Tuesday, it has become a day of parties, parades, bag pipes, green beer and a general celebration of the Irish culture. Though the circumstances of St. Patrick’s death are historically uncertain, it is believed he died on March 17.

First tip, it's perfectly acceptable to drink wine out of a mug. Purists may argue for this day you can feel like one of the crowd when you hoist your drink up high.

Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

It's still possible to enjoy the traditions of the day with wine. Having a hearty, meaty dinner like corned beef and cabbage? Because this dish is often boiled it is lighter and delicate in nature; therefore you want to be careful to select a wine that does not overpower the dish. Or are you making a traditional Irish Stew? This is another fairly hearty dish that can be made with beef, lamb or even turkey for a non-traditional, leaner variation. Created in its traditional form this dish would also pair well with a hearty, full body, earthy wine. 


If all else fails, try finding a beautiful green bottle of wine to try. It will get you in the festive mood and give you an opportunity to try something completely new to you. 

Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

Need help opening that new bottle? Make sure you've got your Sippin'It 4 Piece Wine Opener Set ready to go for the big day. You definitely don't want to be fumbling around with corkscrews or hunting for a new battery during the Irish drinking songs. The air pressure opener ensures you'll have a new bottle ready to go before the final verse.

Sippin'It tips for wine lovers on St. Patrick's Day

So hang in there wine lovers. This may not be your day, but you can still celebrate this festive holiday with everyone else.


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