Dry January Survival Guide

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Sippin'It Dry january survival guide

The first month of a new year is exciting. While it’s possible to grant yourself a fresh start whenever, there’s something especially invigorating about the collective beginning of a new year. It’s a moment to take stock of what is and isn’t working in your life, to set up new regimens, and to delude yourself—again—into thinking you can lose 10 pounds. (Just me?)

In the last half decade, a new New Years health trend has emerged: Dry January, a month free of alcohol. Dry January is a month when many people voluntarily stop drinking alcohol after the excesses of December and start the new year on a sober, clearer, more refreshed and healthy note.

Sippin'It Dry january survival guide

People have a sense of achievement and they feel better and mentally sharper. Heavy drinkers who take a break might also notice they have less heartburn and reflux, feel less irritable and anxious, and have fewer headaches.

Any article you read or sober friend you consult will tell you to stock up on seltzer, kombucha, tea, non-alcoholic beer and coffee—whatever you can grab to sip on when the urge to crack a beer or pour a glass of wine hits. While you’re at it, be sure to put any alcohol in the house out of sight as well as accessories like bottle openers and wine glasses. That may sound extreme, but visual cues are powerful and every little bit helps. 

Sippin'It Dry january survival guide

If you find yourself drinking more coffee, drink the best tasting beans you possibly can. A Sippin'It Coffee Storage Canister filters out harmful CO2 emissions so beans stay at their peak for longer. It'll also look great on your counter now that you've eliminated all the alcohol accessories.

 It's the perfect time to create a new  way to handle social settings. Delay and distract, or walk out of the room and do some breathing exercises — maybe you won't need the drink anymore. Remember, it may be easier than ever to socialize without booze.

Sippin'It Dry january survival guide

Stress can contribute to alcohol cravings and the best way to stay on track is to pursue peace and calm. For some people, this might mean an uninterrupted soak in the tub, while others would better benefit from a mind-clearing run.

You're not in this alone. Let friends and loved ones encourage you, keep you accountable and perhaps do the challenge with you.

Sippin'It Dry january survival guide

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