10 Things you never knew about Wine

10 fun fact about wine from Sippin"it

Wine- we drink it, we love it, but do we know everything there is to know about it?

Wine vineyard

1. It takes around 4-5 years after a vine is newly planted before it can be harvested successfully. While wine is made from grapes, they're not the average grapes you see on your local grocery store shelf.

Holding a wine glass by the stem

2. Is there a right way and a wrong way to hold a wine glass? The answer is yes! A glass should be held by the stem so that your hand does not raise the temperature of the wine. 

Calories in wine
3. Are you into counting calories. Well, the standard glass of white wine contains 110 calories. However, there are the same amount in a dry red wine. Of course sweeter wines have more calories.

Wine used in religious ceremony

4. Prohibition took quite a severe toll on the US wine making industry. It look a long time for wine makers to recover even after the ban had been lifted.  Some wineries however found a loophole. It was still legal to make sacramental wine for religious purposes under Prohibition law.

Woman drinking a glass of wine

5. Wine does affect women differently than it affects men. It's because women have a thiner enzyme stomach lining than men do. This particular enzyme helps in metabolizing alcohol. The enzyme’s name is alcohol dehydrogenase.

Grapes used for making wine
6. One glass of wine consists of juice from one cluster of grapes. Seventy-five grapes comprise one cluster.

Wine vineyard at sunset
7. Location makes a difference in the name as well as the flavor. In Europe, wine is named after the geographic location where the wine has been produced. In non-European countries, the wine is named after the grape varieties that are used for wine production. 

man picking grapes
8. What country has the most land taken up by vineyards? The answer is Spain. Spain has approximately 1,154,000 hectares of vineyards or approximately 2,851,000 acres planted with vine grapes

Toasting with glasses of wine
9. When you toast with friends and say "Cheers" you're performing a ritual that started in the Middle Ages when poisoning was a favorite way to get rid of an enemy. To be sure their glass was poison-free, drinkers would first pour a bit of wine into each other’s glass, so if there was poison in one, it was now in both.

2 glasses of champagne
10. There really was a Dom Perignon. However, he didn't create Champagne. Dom Pierre Perignon was a Benedictine Monk who invented many production processes and principles that are used in Champagne making to this day. 


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